What is IV hydration?

IV hydration includes intravenous supplementation to combat various nutrient deficits and uses a route that bypasses the gut (decreasing loss of effect due to malabsorption issues). 

Who administers the treatment?

IV treatments will be administered by the owner and board-certified Nurse Practitioner Zanetta Randolph, FNP-BC. You will be monitored throughout the delivery of treatment. IM (intramuscular) vitamin shots are administered by Zanetta as well. 

Does it hurt?

As with any IV insertion, IM injection, there is some risk of discomfort with needle insertion. To help combat this, we do utilize numbing spray and the smallest needle possible for hydration and/or administration purposes. 

How long does an IV Hydration treatment take?

From beginning to end, treatments are an hour on average.

How long does it take to feel the effects of treatment?

You will feel immediate energy surges in most cases. The nutrients are being absorbed into your body as soon as they are infused in the vein. 

How long do treatments last?

Though you feel immediate benefits, your body still continues to benefit from treatment days later. The amount of time that this benefit continues, differs from person to person. 

How often should I receive IV therapy treatments?

You can receive IV therapy treatments as often as needed (most do every 2-4 weeks) with some IV or IM therapies having limitations. If there are any questions about the frequency of specific treatments, don't hesitate to email us.